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One difficult thing is to choose the most suitable teachers who believe in the mission of education and are capable of supporting our children to the maximum. One more difficult thing is to develop and enhance their performance day after day in a continuous improvement process. The most difficult challenge is to maintain that team and keep them motivated and passionate about their sacred mission.


Sumaya york, she's the owner and the leader of uNiK Koleji.

After studying Mechanical engineering, she completed her education in business sector. Depending on her engineering background, she started her career as a science teacher in an international school and went through different positions in different international education companies for 12 years. 

she’s an external reviewer from the American accreditation compony Cognia (previously advansED), Regarding the trainings and conferences, she attended many educational ones in different countries. She got inspired by Reggio Emilia's methodology from Italy which led her to visit the Reggio schools and attend many study groups there. She believes that learning should never stop, that is why she’s working on her master's degree of global business in Geneva university.

She is a horse rider and owns a stable. Her main hobby is drawing (nature portrait).

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Our Team

"Unity is strength AND when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." -Mattie Stepanek



She is an English teacher at uNik International school. She is holding a bachelor degree in English language, Literature and Civilization from the High Institute of Languages in Tunisia, as well as a master degree in Teaching English as a foreign language from Istanbul Aydin University. She has been teaching English for children of all ages for 4 years now in different International schools in Turkey. 

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She has been working in her profession for 16th year now and she's in her second year with uNiK Koleji. Apart from having a degree on pre-school teaching, She has graduated from the Department of Child Development, Public Relations and Business Administration. 

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Safia El Solh

Safia has taught in several schools in Lebanon, U.S. and Qatar. She has a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education from the Lebanese American University, and she was granted a Fulbright Scholarship in New York, U.S.A. Currently she is pursuing her TESOL certification.

Safia El Solh. Teaching is more than a profession to her; it is a journey of mutual learning with her kids. She believes that each learner has a unique potential that needs to be stimulated. 

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After she graduated from Psychology department, she received educations about Children Assesment, Counseling and Therapy Techniques. 

This is her 8th year working with schools, she's also a Family Counselor with us at uNiK Koleji.

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Gizem Bayırbaşı

She was born in 1996 in Istanbul. She graduated from Şişli Vocational School's Child Development Department and took lessons from expert trainers. She improved herself by both doing internships and working in summer schools and different kindergartens. She has certificates from Preschool Counseling, Child Law, Gender, and Recognition of Gifted Children. She is currently both a teacher and a coordinator at the uNiK International School.

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Hala Bawji , Grade Three Homeroom teacher and the Head of English Department.
She graduated with an English Teaching Diploma from the Lebanese University (Faculty of Pedagogy).

She has 15 years of extensive experience both in teaching English and organizing professional development trainings.

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Graduated from the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, Sena Saçık holds a Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate. She is currently studying Child Development at Istanbul University. She sees teaching not as a profession but as a lifestyle that covers her life, and that’s why she likes to establish a bond with her students.

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Natalia Shyk

Natalia Shyk, an English and Spanish language and literature teacher, Graduated from Odessa I. I. Mechnikov State University, department of English and Spanish phylology."Languages she speaks: English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani.

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