We take our students’ health, and their families’, very seriously. We aim to keep our school a safe, healthy and attractive learning environment the best way we can. 

Here is our protocol for the this year which will be successful with collaboration from our families and staff members.


(Plan A) Our building is well-prepared and we will open it for normal school day on Sept, 21st, unless instructed otherwise by MEB for safety reasons.

In this case, (Plan B) our system will be always ready to work as “Blended” in parallel with F2F and fully ready to continue online “by-distance.” Starting from Sept, 1st, an advanced online system will be available for all students.


As plan B, everything taught in the school even during F2F normal school day will be available online. This will cover any time a lock-down is instructed. For this purpose, a Chromebook connected to our school system will be provided for each student in all grades with access to digital books, students activities, teachers real-time interaction, and most important, safe and controlled use of the internet and apps.


We will follow a holistic prevention strategy including: social distancing classes and activities with less than half of the capacity of the school / providing healthy, clean and wrapped food in disposable utensils / daily and weekly disinfection and sterilization of the building / “white zone” where students and checked staff only will have access / limited access, masks and disinfection of visitors / continuous training and culture awareness for students and staff by a specialized doctor on health and hygiene precautions / A contract with a specialized company for sanitation and sterilization.


We need your support for the safety of all. Please don’t get your child to school if he is not feeling well. Don’t worry, he can still follow up online. A student will need the digital access to the books from home through laptops if she/he is absent, needs to revise a lesson or in Plan B situations.


When dealing with tuition fees, we follow an ethical approach taking into consideration the economic situation that families suffer from. More than one item in costs is arisen due to our protocol such as extra laptops for younger students, sanitation procedures and digital platforms. However, no extra fees will be charged on parents. On the contrary, in case of any lock-down period is instructed during the school year shifting to Plan B, we will refund the direct cost that the school will save accordingly such as food or stationary even if it is not legally compulsory on us.


We do recommend the following advice for our children houses: 

  1. Follow a routine health habits for your children including getting up early, playing sports, healthy food, cleanliness of body and teeth, frequent hands washing..etc 
  2. Provide a comfortable desk for study with enough air and light and don't forget to follow a healthy seating position.
  3. Spread a positive attitude and optimistic understanding of the situation and assure your child that we are strong and will overcome any difficulties.